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    • 數據中心白皮書(2022年)頭圖.jpg
      White Paper on Data Center (2022)

      Based on observation of global and domestic situation of data center, the white paper offers an overview of the data center industry and its hot issues, analyzes the development of China’s data center industry in terms of market, technology and policy, and forecasts its future development trend.

    • 人工智能白皮書(2022年)頭圖.jpg
      White Paper on Artificial Intelligence (AI)

      The white paper offers a thorough review of the most recent development of AI across the globe since 2021 in terms of policy, technology, application, as well as governance, mainly analyzes the new development situation and stage of AI, and endeavors to present a comprehensive overview of its current development trend. It can serve as a reference for all walks of life to jointly promote the sustainable and sound development of AI.

    • 數字建筑發展白皮書(2022年)頭圖.jpg
      White Paper on the Development of Digital Building

      The white paper offers an overview of the development of digital building, comes up with its overall framework and typical models, and analyzes its classic application scenarios.

    • 微信圖片_202203221408591.jpg
      Development Report of National Information Consumption Exemplar Cities (2022)

      This report systematically analyses the macro background for the development of information consumption exemplar cities based on the development of 26 national information consumption exemplar cities (as of December 2021), and researches and presents the Information Consumption Development Index for Exemplar Cities for the first time. Furthermore, the report summarizes the characteristics, main achievements and existing problems of the development of Information Consumpti...

    • 微信圖片_20220322140859.jpg
      Report on the Development Trend of China’s Information Consumption (2022)

      The White Paper pointed out that at the beginning of the 14th Five-Year Plan period, in the complex and volatile global economic climate, information consumption, with its strong development resilience, has sustained the stable recovery of China’s economy and the strong growth of the consumer market, becoming an important driving force for domestic demand. Information consumption has continuously stimulated market vitality and innovative impetus, and presented seven new f...

    數據中心白皮書(2022年)頭圖.jpg 人工智能白皮書(2022年)頭圖.jpg 數字建筑發展白皮書(2022年)頭圖.jpg 微信圖片_202203221408591.jpg 微信圖片_20220322140859.jpg
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